Silly Little Games…

What silly little games do the so called .38 Special group of extremist republicans spend their time playing when they should be governing?

Lets recall the 2019 legislative session: The .38 Special officially branded themselves as such during this session, but due to their extremist nature some of their own members failed to even show up for the group photo to memorialize such an event! Perhaps the shame was caused in part by their ringleaders decision to try to send an ill fated message just before the photo? To whom, for what, and how you might ask? They had concocted a half baked plan to vote with the Democrats on a blast motion for Medicaid Expansion without any republican minded reforms to eliminate waste, fraud or abuse! When their efforts failed, they later alleged it was all a stunt to prove a dangerously misguided point – on the backs of Montana taxpayers! Was their vote to support the Republican version of Medicaid Expansion that included asset testing or work requirements? Of course not! So what was the message? Or perhaps more importantly, what would they have done if their scheme had worked and bound Montana to a fiscally irresponsible plan?! Silly little games.

The .38 Special then tried voraciously to kill the bill that would have prevented Sanctuary Cities across Montana. While they campaign and rally against illegal immigration, they spent that 2019 session devoting maximum effort to kill the bill that would prevent sanctuary cities! What was the message? Silly little games.

Perhaps their overarching message is simply that the extremist ideologies of the .38 Special drive them to play silly little games while the responsible republicans are focused on governing? Their messaging is incoherent, like most of the policies they pursue. Their messages make no sense, like most of the rants they post. Much of their extremist legislation is a waste of taxpayers dollars, using time and resources during the legislative session to try to send what message? The average cost of drafting and moving a bill through a legislative session is over $4,000. While they complain about government waste, they add to it with frivolous bills used to prove points rather than to focus on improving the lives of Montanan’s. Silly little games.

When the .38 Special didn’t like a particular vote that some of their fellow Republicans took, they snuck onto the House floor early the next day to place tubs of vaseline on the desks of those legislators with whom they disagreed, because the .38 Special thinks anyone who dares to cast a vote for their constituents instead of in lock step with the .38’s bizarre ideas “screws” the people of Montana. How becoming is that kind of sexual innuendo of the people’s house?! Silly little games.

Most recently, the .38 Special reportedly sold a gun at a Republican party fundraiser. Too bad they were again trying to play another silly little game. During the social hour with free flowing cocktails, one of their ilk distributed live rounds of ammunition that would have fit the gun they knew would soon be auctioned and they proudly wore them in clear name badge sleeves around their necks. Thankfully they lost the gun at auction to a fellow second amendment enthusiast who was willing to contribute more to the Montana GOP’s victory fund than they, thwarting their plot to threaten and intimidate their peers. The silly little games just keep coming.

Maybe the .38 Special should focus on doing actual work for the people of Montana instead of playing silly little games...

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