Montana’s Extremists Need A Safe Space

The 30-Ain’t Special, a collection of anti-public school crusaders, anti-vaccination health science gurus, Tesla-like 5G electromagnetic wave conspiracists, and some plain ordinary John Birchers has apparently felt the need to start a new Facebook Group where they can all commemorate the downfall of Western Civilization in their own handy little “safe space.”

In their introduction to the group, these acolytes of freedom tell you that they are “…the self proclimed (sic) .38 Special, who are standing for you and with you on a daily basis.” And they promise this: “We strive for transparency in government and we expect to be held accountable to our voting records.

Well now, I say “Hold my beer!” Let’s just see how well they actually represented Main Street Montana and its small business owners and their employees. Let’s see how well they represented our agricultural industry. And let’s see how they feel about the preservation of our state’s infrastructure – especially in our small rural communities.

I suggest you hang on to your hat…

Gosh, it sure looks to me like somebody has been fibbing! I say give them what they say they want: Hold them accountable to their voting records. Next time these folks roll out their fake “Legistats Score” to justify their blatant disregard for their constituents, ask them why they don’t represent you? Ask them why these, mostly rural legislators, sold out agriculture? Ask them why they hate public education, the cornerstone of upward mobility? And ask them why they hate roads, bridges, indoor plumbing, and the other conveniences of modern American life? Who would have thought it was possible to hate an indoor commode?

Until next time – follow the current Covid19 recommendations and be safe.

~ Rooster Cogburn

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