Bill’s Girls

As the old saying goes: “Birds of feather, flock together”, and Ravalli County Representative Theresa Manzella fits right into the flock with Former President Bill Clinton. Bill is best known for playing fast and loose with the truth and with the ladies.  Rich Hood, in the Baltimore Sun had this to say of Bill Clinton, “He has lied repeatedly — to his family, to his friends, aides and confidantes, and the American public. He has reshaped himself scores of times to gain sympathy or support.”   

But ol’ Bill has nothing on Ravalli County’s Theresa Manzella.   Theresa says she is against a sales tax, yet in the 2019 session she voted to bring the sales tax bill to the floor for a vote to pass (HB300).  Theresa says she is for a free market, yet last session she voted for socialist price controls (HB747).  Theresa says she opposes sanctuary cities, yet last session she voted against a bill banning them in Montana (HB147).  This list of examples where Theresa says one thing, then does another is seemingly endless, just like Bill.

Theresa says she would never associate with a Democrat, let alone one of Bill Clinton’s infamy.  Yet in this picture from her own Facebook, she exudes excitement about the opportunity to pose with Bill Clinton on the streets of D.C.’s swamp.  They truly seem to have so much in common, perhaps she really is one of “Bill’s girls”.

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